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Degaje'- {dey-gah-zhey}; Haitian creole

Verb: "make it happen, to make it work, figure it out, commit"

We Help You Make It Happen

Specializing in the business

of pharmacy, the impact of pharmacists, and the value of pharmaceuticals. 


What we do

We help manufacturers, hospitals, pharmacies, and pharmacists maximize their products and services to improve patient care.

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies

  • Understand patient journeys and the changing healthcare system  

  • Navigate Payer, PBM, and Government payment processes  

  • Align brand strategies with payer expectations and sales operations     

Hospital and Specialty Pharmacies

  • Engage Hospitals and IDNs to access KOL and decision-makers  

  • Evaluate benefit designs to align contracts and 340B opportunities

  • Review pay for performance and value based contracting strategies

Pharmacy Departments & Individual Pharmacist

  • Elevate important contributions pharmacy makes to enterprise 

  • Improve pharmacist impact with patients  

  • Provide executive coaching and mentoring for senior and mid-level managers

Healthcare Technology Companies

  • Update on the evolving healthcare environment and landscape 

  • Follow the flow of money and how contracting works

  • Educate and guide account entry strategies and sales tactics




We help pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare technology companies better understand the evolving pharmacy landscape in order to engage key opinion leaders, stakeholders, and decision makers.



We help specialty pharmacies understand manufacturer strategies and distribution channels to help them obtain access to innovative therapies and profitable contracts.


We help individuals and teams of  pharmacists move from the "basement to the boardroom" by providing career advice and coaching to help them tell their stories and the impact they

have on patients and the   healthcare system.



We help you to understand and navigate the pharmaceutical industry and various channel strategies for drugs and devices that will help you position your products and services to improve the healthcare system.  


Our Story

 We are a group of pharmacists and pharmacy experts who have "been there and done that" through real-world experiences.  Each Degaje consultant and subject matter expert has at least 20 years of pharmacy-related experience.


Pharmacy is one of the most complicated and misunderstood businesses in the United States. Pharmacists are often underutilized and undervalued.  The pharmaceutical industry is much maligned and frequently bashed by politicians, the media, and often the patients they serve. Today's breakthrough medicines and life-changing therapies require a new approach that engages patients and their caregivers in totally new ways.  Patients have essentially become consumers and have different needs and expectations of manufacturers, pharmacies, and pharmacists.  Our team of subject matter experts can help navigate these changes, expand the role of the pharmacist, and help improve patient outcomes. 

Healthcare leaders consult with Degaje to provide unique scientific, clinical, and business insights when they need them.  We are a boutique firm that focuses on specific short term project work with defined expectations and timelines. Although we seek long term relationships, we do not strive to become embedded in your organization.  We help you understand the entire healthcare industry and create opportunities for patients to benefit from your products and services. 

We have assembled an orchestra of pharmacy professionals from all areas of pharmacy practice, practice sites, and the pharmaceutical industry.  When necessary, we will invite an individual with special talents and expertise to join us to serve you.  Using a team concept, we take a holistic approach to understand your unique needs and then provide a comprehensive solution to help you make it happen. 


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